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We prepare customized estate and asset protection plans to preserve assets during your lifetime and future generations.

What We do

Helping Families Organize, Plan, & Protect Their Financial Security

For years, we have been helping successful business owners, professionals and families organize, plan and protect their financial security. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the pieces of your planning are appropriate, properly devised and current with Nevada Law.



Living Trust is the foundation of any estate plan. A trust has many advantages including avoiding probate minimizing tax burdens, privacy and the ability to create advantages that you and your heirs can enjoy. Wood Law Group can help you with many types of trusts that serve different purposes.


Health Care Power of Attorney

In the unfortunate event that you become incapacitated and are mentally unable to make decisions for yourself, a health care power of attorney can designate who you wish to step into your shoes to make your health care decisions for you. Included in the Health Care Power of Attorney are end of life treatment questions and decisions for your loved ones or doctor to follow.


Last Will and Testament

Last Will and Testament is still a formal process and certain requirements must be met in order for your will to be valid in a Nevada Court. Wills are an excellent tool to designate how you would like your property to be distributed at your death and who you would like to be in charge (Executor) of administering your estate. However, a Will must go through probate and the Court will supervise the administration.


Financial Power of Attorney

A financial Power of Attorney is likewise used upon your incapacity. Financial Power Attorney will designate a responsible individual to handle your financial affairs while you are mentally unable to do so for yourself.

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